Beautiful of November
Crying over and over again...hmmm


Its been two days , him and I... forget about us, keep calm and moved on , Hai readers how are you ? Good or Bad In Mood ? Hahaha ok just laugh for that . *yeatautakkelakar* Today post i want to share with you all what am i doing during school holiday , Oh yeah my post for today all in English typing , just want to improving my english typing , for my MUET examination soon *kalausalahmaaflah* .

Today is Friday , last week before school open , Hmm , there is nothing im doing during the school holiday's . such a boring 2 weeks school holiday. Just hopefully my bother will come early from France and bring us to Universal Studio at Singapore . Hopefully :) 

i'm sorry i;m so boring right now 

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Assalamualaikum, Yayable for the friendly calling.
"Every man needs a woman when his life's a mess , because just like the game of chess.The Queen protects the King"-EAMC



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